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Many of you may be familiar with my Etsy store called Joyful Noise Weaving.  If you are, then you will understand where the "JN" comes from in my shop name.  Welcome to JN(Joyful Noise) Embroidery.  For many years I have been just a "weaver".  Making hand woven rugs, kitchen towels, scarves, shawls, table runners etc was my passion.  But as I have gotten older, I have come to realize that sometimes it is fun to go outside the box and try new things. 
My "new thing" has now become my true obsession...embroidery. Not onl​y can I now make beautiful things for your kitchen and home but I can personalize and monogram almost anything for anyone-children, babies, teenagers, adults...anyone! 
My first machine was a single needle Brother Designio machine, which was my learning tool.  After I felt proficient with that, I moved up to the 10 needle Entrepreneur ProX1050.  I won't bore you with the details but with a 10 needle machine you can load most, or all, of your colors at the beginning and then let the machine "do its thing".  With a single needle you need to stop at each color change and change your thread colors, which is a bit more time consuming. 
Whichever machine I use, it brings me a new found sense of accomplishment and pleasure. I love embroidery!!
Welcome! I hope you will check back often to see the new items I create as I journey down this new path of creativity!  And remember- "Every day is a great day to make a joyful noise."